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Exclusive: Huntkey FX500SE in Europe

Huntkey FX500SE
A platinum power supply, the chinese Huntkey FX500SE, finally arrived after few months of talks. After czech version of the review, which came first, here is also the international one.

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+5 V SB rail

The stand-by circuitry uses the first of its generation, quasi-resonant PWM regulator with an integrated transistor, Infineon ICE2QR2280Z. This thing can handle up to several amperes on the integrated transistor (I only remind that with 350+ V), for that reason I believe that few watts at +5 V won't even heat it up, it can handle maybe even hundreds of watts. I would even dare to go as far and say that we may have a candidate to attack the 80 % efficiency line of +5 V SB rail. The IC has many protections of its own integrated into it, amongst others including protection against overpower and overheat.

In this place there is the only bad capacitor in this power supply, an AiSHi 470 µF/35 V. It is not all right and I have contacted Huntkey right away about that. The respond was that no substitute was on stock and it was neccessary to use this one. I assume (and hope) it will get fixed in time. But with reasonable thought, even this one should handle it's role for a long time. It is big - for PWM drivers miniature internal power drain - and the driver itself should not reach high temperatures thus not bake the capacitor. I will have a look at this especially, but I would only pull half a point here.

Secondary side uses an STMicro STPS40L45CT (TO-220) rectifier with both diodes in parallel. It lacks a heat sink, but still has lower losses than single diode so it should handle few tens of watts (peak). Specified power should be without any problem and with high efficiency. There are high-quality capacitors only on the output side, Chemi-Cons KZH (2200 µF/10 V).

Secondary side

Huntkey FX500SE uses a resonant topology with a single output rail, the +12 V. Its active rectification is achieved by two Infineon IPP015N04N G transistors , which can handle up to 120 A continuously/400 A pulsed at 40 V. The RDS(On) value is only 1,5 mΩ (at 100 A and 25 °C). In reality, they can handle up to several kilowatts at +12 V, we stay very highly overspec'ed here.


The output filtration is upon similarly "hardcore" setup with three 2200µF Chemi-Cons KZH right at the +12V output. Behind each Pi coil for two +12 V rails is another such capacitor. The -12 V rail has one smaller Chemi-Con and one Rubycon capacitor. Smaller voltages are produced by two DC-DC modules, each of them has two X-CON ULR (470 µF/16 V) capacitors on input and two 1500uF ULRs on output, together with another NCC KZH. IPD036N04L G (90/400 A, 40 V, max. 4,9 mΩ at 25 °C) transistors are driven by APW7073N PWM controllers. So once again, both the modules can handle not just 90 W, but probably even several hundreds of watts.  


 The whole supply is driven by an Infineon ICE2SH01H resonant controller. Despite the usual location on the secondary side, it is on the primary side here (but I write about it here because there is enough of informations on the previous page :-)), connected to the secondary side using a resonant transformer and one additional small transformer. Because the driver monitors its own overpower directly and smaller voltages are controlled by their own PWM controllers in DC-DC modules, the Welltrend WT7510 monitor only checks basic functions (undervoltage, overvoltage, short) and creates power-good signal if everything is in order. The tiny capacitor near it gave me hard time, but it is a small Rubycon so no problem here.

Because the monitor only has 8 pins, most of the room on the particular daughterboard is occupied by an ordinary 4-way comparator LM339, fed by thermistor on secondary cooler and also by average number of output power. The comparator than drives the cooling fan from these inputs so the semi-passive operation really seems to be catched up. For overall secondary side overspecification, I give another extra point.

Built quality

Criticism of all the particular components is as usually mentioned earlier, here I will focus primarily on an overall quality and electrical safety. The overall built quality is good, a high-quality board from fiberglass is used, paths are coated with thick layer of lacquer for which I will add half a point. The primary and secondary side separation is good, some drilling is present under the +5 V SB transformer and primary transistors. As I have already mentioned, electrical insulation of the PFC coil should be better for which I remove one point.


 The soldering quality is good, I haven't discovered any bad/cold solder joints, but the +12 V path reinforcement looks like an eyesore. Also the question why the board has not been designed better instead of using thick metal belts to conduct power arises - but it works, so why not. The electrodes of the components itself are nowhere getting too close to almost touch each other, but still, may be shortened better. But I have to remove four points for those 4 solder balls where at least one of the balls is from the piggy soldering of the reinforcement wire for +12 V path.

So that would be minus 4,5 points for the overall built quality and electrical safety. It may be better, Huntkey still has some way to go. It takes better than "good" overall quality for high-end. Better component insulation and also some "teeth" for high-voltage spiking would also help this board.

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Pavel "Behemot" Boček

http://www.hwworld.cz/ bocek.pavel[@]post.cz

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